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School lessons are held every Sunday (during school terms) from

10:45 - 13:45  -  for school age children;


10:00 - 12:00  -  for preschool children at:

The community need for Russian Schools is constantly growing and in 2009 after the success of Russian School in Birmingham the Worcester branch opened its doors for children in Worcestershire and surrounding areas. The School has already become popular with Russian-speaking parents and - most importantly - is loved by the children.

The main goal of the Russian School is to help children with Russian-speaking ethnic background, and also any children who learn Russian to acquire one of the richest languages and to discover the culture and traditions of Russian people.

The Russian School offers quality education by means of engaging children in a series of interactive games, educational activities and projects. Flexible approach to learning allows children of different ages and various levels of comfort with Russian to develop and improve language abilities in a way which makes learning an enjoyable experience.

Each and every child can have an engaging and productive experience at the School  we offer classes tailored to individual groups of students. The preschool class is bubbling with a festive atmosphere where children sing, draw, play learn poems and enjoy arts and crafts together with both their parents and teachers. The lessons for school age children introduce the Russian alphabet and the basics of grammar. They learn to read and write in Russian and discover Russian literary classics.

To enrich the children's acquaintance with the Russian language, the School offers singing lessons the basics of drama as well as classes in art and dance.

The overall curriculum of the School is based on the course by Dr Nina Vlasova-"Russian as a foreign language" which was developed in Israel for the children of Russian immigrants.

For more about Nina Vlasova's teaching methodology, please go here.

We are very aware of the limited amount of time dedicated to weekend classes. This is precisely why lessons in the Russian School work on an individual approach depending on the habits and needs of each and every student. The parents play an integral role in the process, and their support is invaluable in helping the child acquire and develop grammatically advanced language skills. The family circle is an important and imperative component of such education.

The School sets the pupils appropriate homework, while the parents are provided with kind recommendations as to how the child can effectively increase their knowledge and develop their new skills.

Each of the teachers at the Russian School in Worcester have the highest teaching credentials and substantial classroom experience. All teachers and volunteers obtain a CRB check. We are rightly proud of the high professionalism and success of our staff.

The School is in the process of creating a Russian Library, as well as an Audio and Video libraries to assist the learning process for both the children and their parents

If you can help us with this please call on 07809 403 426 or write to:

It is our belief that a fluency in another language gives any person obvious advantages in the global world we live in. Bilingual habits have proven positive effects in developing memory, quick thinking, reaction, mathematical understanding and logic. Well developed bilingual children have shown a trait of doing better in school than their peers, and have a greater capacity to grasp abstract sciences, literature, and of course - other foreign languages.

For the parents, our school is much more than a positive experience of developing their childrens' culture. It also serves as a meeting place, an opportunity to find new friends, partake in information exchange with likeminded parents, and a chance to enjoy pleasant conversation over a relaxed cup of coffee.

Please feel free to express your interest and ask any further questions - we shall be happy to write back and answer any queries you might have
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We look forward to seeing both you and your children should you decide to come along and study at the Russian School!

Until then-

With Best Wishes,

Rubric Russian School in Worcester